The First Baptist Church of French Settlement (FBCFS) was established February 1954 and met in the home of Alex Salassi until the original building was completed on September 4, 1955. FBCFS was the 117th church to be accepted into the 11th District of the Louisiana Baptist Convention and was accepted into the Eastern Louisiana association in October 1954. 

As of February 14, 1954, charter members were as follows: 

Morris Aydell

Alvin Lee

Be noni Salassi

Lee Roy Salassi

Mrs. Morris Jr. Aydell

Earl Lee

Delaine Salassi

Mrs. Lee Roy Salassi

Alex Britnac

David Salassi

Zelphia Salassi

Jeanette Salassi

Earl Fontenot

Mrs. David Salassi

Elroy Salassi

Mrs. Ray N. Matherne

Mrs. Earl Fontenot

Theresa Salassi

J. Earl Salassi


 Following the building of the first sanctuary, a classroom building designed for six classes was erected in 1958, a parsonage was completed in July 1957, which is now used as additional class space, and the current sanctuary was completed in 1998.

In July 1959, the FBCFS sponsored a mission church at Head of Island which organized into a church of its own on June 8, 1962, pastored by The Reverend Hardy Barnett. 

Roster of Pastors: 


Served From

Served To

Earl Hall

February 14, 1954

October 10, 1954

L. G. McMorris

November 1, 1954

October 1955

J. E. Galendar

November 23, 1995

March 26, 1961

Hardy Barnett

October 14, 1960

Pastor Mission at Head of Island

Stanley G. Lott

May 11, 1961

December 10, 1962

John Hart

March 15, 1062

June 3, 1963

Carl Steward (Interim)

September 4, 1963

December 8, 1963

Harold Dolt

`February 2, 1964

November 26, 1967

James Wright

January 25, 1968

July 6, 1976

Lloyd McCarrol

August 25, 1976

Date Unavailable

Tommy Shipp

June 22, 1977

June 28, 2009

Louis Palmer (Interim

June 28, 2009

April 11, 2010

Louis Palmer

April 11, 2010

January 2015

Herman “Herb” Cowan

September 7, 2014

Current Senior Pastor