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Video Series: Behind the Breakthroughs

In Behind the Breakthroughs, a new video series from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, hear directly from some of the most respected minds in science about the latest in breast cancer news. Each video features insightful conversation with a BCRF-funded investigator, delving deep into topics like new research, the latest treatment options, living with breast cancer, and much more.

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The Evolution Of Breast Cancer Screening

BCRF investigator Dr. Christopher E. Comstock delves into the details of current screening recommendations and new advances on the horizon. Watch the video


The Latest in Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

BCRF investigator Dr. Nancy U. Lin talks about the urgent need for metastatic breast cancer treatments and potential breakthroughs on the horizon. Watch the video


All About the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force’s New Screening Recommendations

BCRF investigator Dr. Constance Lehman breaks down changes to major screening guidelines and what she sees as the future of the field. Watch the video


Improving Breast Cancer Survivorship

BCRF investigator and three-time breast cancer survivor Dr. Electra D. Paskett talks about how her personal experiences inform her work. Watch the video


Reflecting on Global Breast Cancer Disparities

Drs. Sonya Reid and Lawrence Shulman join BCRF’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Dorraya El-Ashry for a conversation about breast cancer around the world. Watch the video


Groundbreaking Results at ASCO 2022

Dr. Shanu Modi on the DESTINY-Breast04 trial and how a BCRF grant helped her career. Watch the video


The Future of Personalized Medicine

BCRF investigator Dr. Fabrice André breaks down recent results from the SAFIR02-BREAST trial presented at SABCS 2021 and how tumor profiling has changed breast cancer care. Watch the video


Supporting the Next Generation of Breast Cancer Researchers

Drs. Vered Stearns and Jennifer Sheng discuss mentorship and how Conquer Cancer–BCRF awards have impacted their careers. Watch the video


Advancing Our Understanding of Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer

BCRF investigator Dr. Steffi Oesterreich and patient advocate Leigh Pate discuss how we’ve made progress against lobular breast cancer in just a few years—and what’s ahead. Watch the video


A Promising New Therapy for High-Risk Breast Cancers

Dr. Susan Domchek breaks down results from the game-changing OlympiA trial. Watch the video


Tackling Health Inequities in Cancer Care: An Interview with Dr. Lori Pierce

The BCRF investigator speaks about her research—and the theme driving her term as president of ASCO. Watch the video


Harnessing Genetic Testing for Precision Prevention

BCRF investigator Dr. Ephrat Levy-Lahad discusses inherited gene mutations and how identifying high-risk individuals changes outcomes in surprising ways. Watch the video


A Promising New Treatment for Breast Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases

Dr. Nancy Lin discusses HER2CLIMB and the importance of including these often-excluded patients in breast cancer trials. Watch the video


Optimizing Treatment for the Best Possible Outcomes

BCRF investigator Dr. Lisa Carey discusses how researchers are trying to bring personalized therapies to all forms of breast cancer. Watch the video