The French Settlement Baptist Church is dedicated to ensuring that all of our young people are provided with a good foundation of the Gospel as presented in the Holy Bible. Toward this end, we are proud to offer classes geared to the age of the child. In addition, we have 2 adult classes and 1 young adult class.


Our nursery, infant through 3 years, is managed by Virginia Hall who has been mothering our smallest for more than 25 years. She keeps an immaculate play area and a well stocked and clean infant area. She takes a great deal of interest in each child, teaches  Bible stories geared to age, and starts early to prepare her charges for promotion day.

God's Little Rascals

This class, Pre-K through 1st Grade, is taught by Dea Guitreau whose goal is to share the love of  Christ with all children. Activities include sharing Bible stories, crafts, and songs for them to enjoy.

Bull Dogs for Christ and Swamp People for Christ

These two classes have been temporially combined and are for children 2nd through 6th grades. The students in this class learn a new Biblical concept each month. The children actively participate in Bible Study with learning games and through discussion. Audio and visual guides are used each week to teach the lesson and creative arts are used to help everyone relate to the Bible truth. Rene Minor and Linda Nossek partner teaching these two classes.


James Daniels heads up our Youth Division. He comes to us highly recommended and has worked with youth for a number of years. Please check out his bio at our Staff page.

Children's Church

We provide a Bible lesson and crafts during the Sunday moring worship service for Pre-K through 4th grade. Dea Guitreau manages this area of our children's ministry.