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Research Matters

Why Breast Cancer Research?

Investing in research produces real results.

From exploring ways to prevent the disease to learning why some families are more susceptible, we know more about breast cancer today than ever before. Research is improving care, producing better outcomes, and transforming lives—every day.

It’s Advancing Our Understanding

Our research has impacted millions of women and men worldwide. With your help, we have raised a billion dollars to accelerate advances and transform how we tackle breast cancer today. Explore some of the progress you’ve made possible.



It's Saving Lives, Improving Outcomes

Research isn't confined to a lab. These stories from doctors, patients, friends, and loved ones affected by breast cancer inspire us to continue looking for answers.

Heredity & Ethnicity

While most people who develop breast cancer have no family history, the disease can be influenced by race, ethnicity, and genetics. After learning she carried the BRCA2 gene mutation, Erika Stallings could reduce her risk of breast cancer—thanks to research.



Metastatic breast cancer causes virtually all deaths from the disease and has no cure. Since Melissa Thompson was diagnosed, research has bought her more time with her daughter.


Tumor Biology

As a researcher, Dr. Sofia Merajver has deepened our understanding of breast cancer. And as a breast cancer patient, she has also experienced BCRF-supported breakthroughs firsthand.


It’s Leading to Prevention and a Cure

Ending breast cancer isn’t our only priority: Our researchers are also focused on innovative ways to prevent breast cancer in future generations. Watch to learn more.

Research Is the Reason

On the heels of her mom’s breast cancer diagnosis, Melissa found out she, too, had breast cancer. Today she credits research for giving them both the best outcome.

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